Why are 4 billion + videos viewed per day? And is your business cashing in?

Word of mouth advertising

The vast majority of people prefer to absorb information through watching videos and there are some not so obvious reasons why. Previous research has established that in a conversation words represent only 7% of the story, tonality makes up 38% and body language 55%. So if the majority of messages on your website and marketing […]

Is Word-Of-Mouth the best kind of advertising?

Testimonial Videos

If so, what system do you have in place for capturing and promoting happy clients or customer satisfaction? Unquestionably if you have been in business for any length of time you have satisfied customers that delight in your product or service and how you treat them. The vast majority of businesses believe people who have […]

Regional TV Advertising

Regional TV

Television advertising wins hands down as the best way to reach potential customers in regional Australia. This video explains it well. Check it out, then call Zotmedia today to find out how we can get you on the air and into the homes of your potential customers. Call us on 02 6926 5302.

What TV channels are your ideal customers (demograhics) watching?

Here is a very interesting graph from AGB Nielsen data (weeks 7-44, 2012) that shows Viewer Profiles by Channel-East Coast Mainland. If you look at the universe on the far left side of the graph it shows you the break up of ages of all people in Australia. If you then view the graphs per […]

People buy products, products don’t sell people!

When you have the clarity of thought that people buy products or services and products or services don’t sell anything, your life as a business person gets easier. Your ability to relate to and win the trust of your potential customer/client  is a crucial first step. All of your marketing, advertising and sales dialogue should be […]

Cricket rights tussle looms

TEN’s incoming CEO Hamish McLennan has been talking up opportunities to seize major sports rights, but Nine’s managing director Jeffery Browne strategically uses media to.

Cricket as a product has not seen escalating ratings and, crucially, many scheduled days have been lost for weather [and] uneven opponents,” Browne said. ”Also, it is largely played outside the ratings period, he said.

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