Cost to produce a commercial

Producing a TV Commercial is not as simple as editing video footage and merging it with a voiceover and possibly music.

There are very high standards required before a TV ad is ‘allowed’ to be aired.

  • The process generally is getting a brief of the required outcome from the client
  • Establishing the appropriate length of the commercial
  • Writing a script
  • Working out what resources are available to achieve the outcome; eg photos, videos
  • Getting the script voiced from a professional
  • Editing the footage
  • Complying to the requirements of C.A.D., Commercials Advice. Free TV requires your TV Ad to be registered and for you to prove any ‘controversial’ statements.
  • Eg; “We are the biggest, best and cheapest xyz in all of Australia.”

         Now if you are and can prove it, that’s fine. If not, your ad won’t see the light of day.

  • Once your TV ad has been produced, you review it, and once approved, your commercial gets uploaded to the relevant stations, ready to be aired.
  • Please note that CAD charges a fee to register your ad and each of the stations charge a fee to upload your ad.
  • So if your ad was going to run on three stations for example, each one of these fees are around $100 each, combine these with a voiceover and you have approximately $500 worth of external charges before you start.     

*** These bullet points are designed to let you know there is more to making a TV Commercial than meets the eye.

Checkout the legal requirements tab if you would like to know more.

Every client and situation are different. Contact us to discuss your specific needs for an accurate quote. 

Zot Media can walk you seamlessly through the process of creating a TV Commercial and help you leverage the Power of Effective TV Advertising. 

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