People buy products, products don’t sell people!

When you have the clarity of thought that people buy products or services and products or services don’t sell anything, your life as a business person gets easier.

Your ability to relate to and win the trust of your potential customer/client  is a crucial first step.

All of your marketing, advertising and sales dialogue should be about highlighting how your client/customer’s life will be better, not a name rank and serial number ad.

For example; which is a better headline  for a patio business in your opinion? “ABC Outdoor Rooms have the latest Patios from a low $XYZ price,” or

” Wow ! Add an outdoor room and enjoy, family, friends and FUN for Xmas, birthdays and whatever day you feel like relaxing, at a surprisingly low price!”

Hope this helps…and good trading. Feel free to contact us at anytime 02 69 265 302

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