Airtime pricing samples

Globalstar Plan = Data30Very Low Data VoulmeLow Data VoulmeHigh Data VoulmeMedium Res PhotoHigh Res Photo
Monthly Base Price$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00
Comms Frequency1 daily1 hour5 minutes1 hour1 hour
Bytes per Comms22422423025,000110,000
Bytes per second818818818818818
Packets per Comms inc. 2 OH22233136
10 Seconds per Comms111414
Comms per Month317328784732732
First 10 Second Packets per Month317328784732732
Next 10 Second Packets per Month00021969516
Cents per First 10 Second Packets44444
Cents per Next 10 Second Packets16.6716.6716.6716.6716.67
Monthly Packet Price$1.24$29.28$351.36$395.35$1615.60
Minus Monthly Included Calls-$10.00-$10.00-$10.00
Monthly Total Price$30$30$371.36$415.35$1,635.60

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