What TV channels are your ideal customers (demograhics) watching?

Here is a very interesting graph from AGB Nielsen data (weeks 7-44, 2012) that shows Viewer Profiles by Channel-East Coast Mainland.

If you look at the universe on the far left side of the graph it shows you the break up of ages of all people in Australia. If you then view the graphs per station of WIN, Go!, GEM, Prime7, 7Two, 7Mate, Southern X Ten, One and Channel 11, you can get a very good ‘feel’ for what demographic the ‘channel’ is attracting. For example if you have an older demographic, 7Two obviously has programs that attracts this age group. Similarly Channel 11 must have some shows that attract a younger demographic. There are a few things to keep in mind. One, this data is reflective of the programming that has been run and not necessarily what is due to run. Two, this is an overview of the channel and doesn’t break it down into specific shows. Three, not all these channels are available by sub market, which means you may only be able to book across, say Southern New South Wales, which may affect the boundaries you cover and/or the price may be reflective of the area covered and be cost restrictive.

It is really just a broad guide and should be viewed in that light. The software that zotmedia uses ranks programs by demographics, cost per thousand, reach and frequency which is an ideal way to really pick the eyes out of the programs available. Feel free to contact us at anytime.

AGB Nielsen

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