They are the specialists in advertising; we are the specialists in selling cars. Over the years we have found that we aren’t specialists in advertising we really need to get some good concise advice and Zot Media provide that to us.

Ian Stoll | Jupiter Motors
We use Zot Media because it really takes the guesswork out of getting the best placements for our ads.

Simon Rosengren | Income Tax Professionals
Before using Zot Media we were doing all our advertising separately which meant dealing with three separate TV stations and a production company. Zot Media coordinates all that for us and just makes it far more simplified.

Scott Parker | Kitchen Antics
I get to deal with someone who is genuinely interested in my business and gives me good suggestions and that’s probably the main reason I use Zot Media.

Jeff Nankivell | Apollo Blinds
The fact that it’s more personal, it’s quicker, and Zot Media understands business, and that’s a big thing.

Terry Gibbs | Truckart
It’s one stop shopping for me, it’s all done in one parcel I guess and it’s just convenient and easy and Zot Media contacts me and we organise it from there.

Jon Weeks | Tyreworld
Zot Media allows us to concentrate more on our own business and someone else is looking after our media requirements, they can also target our market more effectively than what I can, so it just seems to be more effective.

Scott Parker | Kitchen Antics
I would recommend them (Zot Media) highly they make it far easier to reach your target market, they have the results and they’ve definitely benefited us.

Scott Parker | Kitchen Antics



Peter Zotti – Director

All businesses have unique criteria and situations.
Zot Media is an independent agency that guides clients through the increasingly fragmented marketing environment. Working with them to select the right pathways to talk directly to their customers.
We then develop outstanding creative solutions that drive both ROI and ongoing engagement by capturing the customers/client’s contact details and nurturing the relationship through multiple platforms to subtly move them to a buying decision.
To advertise cross your fingers and pray that business will improve is no longer a workable or sustainable model.
A measurable, structured game plan that is executed with expertise and professionalism is a much more predictable and accountable way to promote.
Zot Media is the leader in rural and regional consumer and B2B marketing and advertising. We execute insightful, strategic, traditional and digital media strategies across multiple platforms with engaging creativity for a broad cross section of companies in regional and rural Australia.
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