(according to marketing Guru, Jay Abraham)

[dropcap style=”round” color=”cool-blue”]1[/dropcap] Get more Customers / Clients

[dropcap style=”round” color=”cool-blue”]2[/dropcap] Have them buy more. ( Increase the average spend )

[dropcap style=”round” color=”cool-blue”]3[/dropcap] Have them come back more often


[notification style=”tip” font_size=”14px” closeable=”false”] Regularly trapping customers/clients, and potential customers/clients details on an ongoing basis is of paramount importance for your business. [/notification]


Having access to a large database will give you an opportunity to leverage all three business principles for exponential growth.

With the above goals as your fundamental focus, it gets easier to know what to say yes and no to as far as your advertising goes.

If you advertise on TV and ‘interest’ people enough with the benefits of your product and service and you ‘inspire’ them to take action, for example go to your website, then that is a good start.

If on your website you have ‘entertaining’ and / or ‘informative’ content and a good reason for why people would ‘want’ to leave their name and contact details you have progressed further.

It is important to understand that your job as a successful business is to nurture and develop a positive ‘relationship’ with your client / customer and encourage two way ‘communication’ with them.

After all they are deciding whether to allow you into their world.

Studies have shown people need to see a message from 5 to 9 times to take action. Cross promotion will help with the Reach and Frequency of your message.

You can develop your Facebook business page to also promote your website, combine that with say a well timed direct mail letter, or a text message and you are on track for success.


[notification style=”tip” font_size=”14px” closeable=”false”] Maintaining the ongoing relationship with your client / customer is crucial…..with a healthy relationship you can continue to test and measure, get feedback and hone your marketing strategies. [/notification]


[text style=”large-callout”] zotmedia can help your business / organisation develop effective advertising strategies. [/text]

Feel free to Contact zotmedia at anytime.

Hope this helps………..

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