ZS #002 The Zot Spot; An Olympic Sized Fail…Theories and Business

ZS #002        The Zot Spot

Why Sprinters are Quick…and I am slow.

For quite awhile I have had issues with my calf muscles.

They were consistently tightening and tearing

and really impacting on my ability to run and keep fit.

I came up with a ‘plan’…

That was to run like I was on one of those

airport escalators, (you know the ones).

I barely lifted my knees and flicked my feet

forward trying not to impact the ground much,

thinking this would help my calves.

The opposite was true,

The situation got worse and worse,

so I gave up. (Usain Bolt was no doubt relieved. J)

Recently I saw a Youtube clip of someone like

an A.I.S (Australian Institute of Sport) person showing a sprinter

running and explaining why they are quicker than most of us.

Turns out they lift their knees higher than the average

runner and apply more force

into the ground than most of us.

That reminded me of a former Rugby League Champion

By the name of Noel Cleale.

He was amazing to see…

Sprinting down the field and watching

massive divots of grass and dirt flying out of the ground

as he surged towards the try line.

These were the two things I saw to realise…



My Theory was flawed and so were my results.

I’ve just tried out the ‘new’ theory and guess what?

(No I didn’t run 100 metres in 9.42 secs), but..

I had a very enjoyable run and pulled up injury free.

So….? I hear you ask.

The moral of this story is…

Even with hard work and your best intentions,

if your theory is flawed, the results you are looking for

will sadly, continue to elude you.


A simple, fundamental change in your approach


Put your business theories and

fundamentals under the microscope and…

evaluate honestly.

Sometimes just a few small tweaks can equate to huge results.


To your business success,



All businesses have their own nuances.

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