Sample Two Week Campaign, 15 sec spots, demographic of people 25+.





  • In this example 72.6% of people 25+ will see your ad, on average, 6.2 times.
  • Cost per thousand $2.60, Budget $3,287 inc GST.

(Budgets and length of campaigns can be tailored to suit your specific needs)


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  • Tamworth like Wagga has one of the lowest Cost Per Thousand $ rates in NSW.
  • Secondary channels, 7Two, 7mate, Go, Gem, are not split by sub market, in Tamworth.
  • To advertise on these channels you will cover all of Sthn NSW. The prices reflect that, so generally speaking, advertising locally on these channels is not very cost effective unless you have a broad market.
  • One HD and Channel 11 are the first to be ‘split’ by sub market and can be booked on a local level.


This schedule is a sample schedule only. Shows, audiences and prices are subject to change regularly.
Please make your enquiry direct to zotmedia for a specific proposal.
Whilst every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, zotmedia accepts no responsibility for any oversights or errors. Created March 2013.