ZS #001 The Zot Spot; A Business Lesson from Car Pushing Indians

ZS #001        The Zot Spot


A lesson from car pushing Indians;

A western guy is in the middle of the desert.

He looks up…

and to his amazement there were half a dozen Indians

pushing a car with the chief sitting

in the driver’s seat grinning like a Cheshire Cat

as they inched along.

The Westerner goes up to them and says,

why are you pushing the car?

What do you mean? They said.

He looked over, saw the key in the ignition, and started it up…

OMG…they were in a state of shock

and amazement at how EASY it drove

with the engine running and in gear.


That can be the same in business…


Do you know the keys to your business success?


Easy if you do, hard work and painful if you don’t.


Look for the keys that matter in your business.

Marketing for most businesses will be one.

A constant stream of quality clients / customers

is essential.

Once you have fine-tuned the process so that it consistently works,

you will be as excited as The Griswald’s going on vacation.





All businesses have their own nuances.

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